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Shiozaki Group :: Openings

Postdoctoral Fellows

There are openings.
We are looking for a qualified postdoc candidate with a solid background in:
  • electronic structure theory developments and/or
  • high-performance computer programming (object-oriented languages preferred).
If you are interested in joining our group, please send me your CV and a very short note that explains your research interests and the reason why you are applying for an opening in our group. Please also have (up to) three recommendation letters directly sent to me from your references.

Graduate Students

Are you interested in developing predictive quantum theories for electrons in molecules? Do you want to join our effort to make an efficient computer program that solves important problems in chemistry with the aid of supercomputers? If so, please feel free to email me!

During your Ph.D period, you will learn with me: (1) modern electronic structure theories; (2) high-performance and object-oriented computer programming in C++; (3) predictive modeling of materials using the program we develop.

Chemical theories are fun, so is programming!

Undergraduate Students

We welcome undergraduate students who would like to perform research on chemical theory and computation. There is also an opportunity for summer research with an 8-week stipend. For details write to me.